In English


I want to see Joensuu as a good place for everyone to be and live meaningful life by respecting others. To me, the Green party represents the values with which the world can be changed for it to be just and fair as well as vibrant and living for generations to come. I want to support people in the most vulnerable position and ensure their voices will be heard.

I want to be part of building a society and Joensuu where everyone can feel appreciated no matter one’s background.

My premises for equality

  • Everyone is valuable the way they are.
  • Everyone should be face as an individual not representing any group.
  • Everyone has a right to live a life important and meaningful for them by respecting other people and nature.

Prerequisites for equality

  • Structures that equally support everyone. Especially preventive mental health work are needed with easy access.
  • Resources and knowledge in early childhood education and school to support children and youth for them to find their strengths, hopes, and goals in life.
  • Decision making should be based on scientific knowledge and impact assessment should systematically be included in the preparation of matters.